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WATER RESOU     RCE ENGINEERING ASSIGNMENT NO: 5     DOA: 27-4-2009 DOS: 11-05-2009 Answer the following questions in SERIAL ORDER. QUESTIONS: 1. Prove that the area and overflow rates rather than the detention period govern the design of settling tank? 2. Design a rectangular sedimentation tank to treat 3780 m 3 /day of coagulated water, assume the suitable necessities, and Sketch the inlet, outlet and sludge removal arrangements? 3. Prove theoretically that the surface loading and not the depth is a measure effective removal of particles in an ideal sedimentation tank. 4. Compute the dimensions of continuous flow of rectangular sedimentation tank in which coagulants are used, for a population of 20000 persons with
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Unformatted text preview: a daily per capita water demand of 120 liters. Assume detention period to be 6 hours? 5. Enumerate the coagulants used? 6. Find the settling velocity of a discrete particle in water under conditions when Reynolds number is less than 0.5. The diameter and specific gravity of the particle is 7 X 10-3 cm and 2.65, respectively. Water temperature at 20 0 C, kinematic viscosity is 1.01 X 10-2 cm 2 /sec. 7. According to you, what must be the constituents of clarifloculater? 8. Can you express fire hydrants? 9. State the investigations you would conduct and the data you collect for preparing a water supply scheme for a city? CIVIL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT AMIT KUMAR DHIR...
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