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WRE ASSIGNMENT-4 - h 5 Sketch the labeled Plain rectangular...

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WATER RESOU     RCE ENGINEERING ASSIGNMENT NO: 4     DOA: 4-4-2009 DOS: 12-04-2009 Answer the following questions in SERIAL ORDER. QUESTIONS: 1. Explain dissolved solids? 2. According to you, the hardness quality of water is not to be used in Industries, can you give reason? 3. A sample of water after testing, found of zero BOD, what inference do you have? 4. The quality of water is indeed essential. There are standards, which lay certain standards, According to these standards, what are the permissible limits for the public drinking water in Turbidity, Odour, Hardness, and P
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Unformatted text preview: h . 5. Sketch the labeled Plain rectangular Sediment Tank. 6. For proper sedimentation of particles, more emphases are taken on the sedimentation tank; can you innumerate the latest way for preparation of sedimentation tank? 7. ‘Coagulates are added in the sedimentation tank’, Comment? 8. Compare alum with iron salts. 9. Sketch a dry feeding device and clarifloculater. 10. Give the objectives of Flocculation Tank. CIVIL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT AMIT KUMAR DHIR...
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