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CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY                                        ASSIGNMENT NO: 5                    DOA: 29-04-2009                                  DOS: 11-05-2009 Answer the following questions in SERIAL ORDER. QUESTIONS: Q1. Design a warehouse for the storage of 2000 cement bags? Assume the         data wherever  required. Q2. At a site, when the formwork is removed, the concreting and order to recast it, what  might be the possible reasons according to you, did not satisfy the engineer? Q3. It is not possible every time to measure the aggregate as well as cement for the batching,  what according to you must be the best and effective method for batching? Q4. Do you think expansion joints are same as construction joints? What is the need of 
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Unformatted text preview: expansion joint? Q5. Is mixing time on site for batching is taken care, explain? Q6. Can corrosion of reinforcement cause cracks? Explain in brief. Q7. Where you place construction joints in case of walls and columns? Is it same for the beams and slab? Q8. Is it preferable to mix the constituents of concrete to mix in the mixer, comment? Q9. You have to undertake a site where site mass concreting is to be done, how you will do it? Q10. Utmost compaction is to be used while concreting, is it possible at site? Explain. Q11. Do you think, effect of temperature during the first 24 hours on the 28-day strength of concrete plays important role? Comment. Q12. Explain the possible types of cracks along with their preventive measures?...
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