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CIV 203 HW4 - and as finished product 3 What are...

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Lovely Professional University, Punjab Home Work - 04 School – LST Department – Civil Engineering Name of the Faculty – Niranjan Lal Course No – CIV 203 Course Title: - Construction Material Class – 2 nd Year B. Tech. Term:1 Section: C5911,H5001 Batch - 2010 Max. Marks: 25 Date of Allotment: W11 Date of Submission: W13 Part A 1. Give a brief account of changes that take place when a wet clay block is heated from room temperature to above 1300 0 C to make bricks. 2. (a) What are the requirements of soil suitable for burning bricks? (b) How can good bricks be made from black cotton soil? (c) What are the substances which harm the qualities of good bricks, in their manufacture
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Unformatted text preview: and as finished product? 3. What are light-weight bricks? Where are they commonly used? Part B 1. What suggestions do you propose for improvement in construction to avoid decay of timber, and what measures are to be taken, when it has occurred? 2. Suggest suitable timber for the following purposes. Give also the reasons for your choice. (a) Doors (b) Railway sleepers (c) Piles (d) Scaffolding (e) Shuttering (f) Purlins (g) Furniture (h) Agricultural equipments 3. How fire-proofing of timber is done? Discuss in detail?...
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