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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Question While curing concrete, why do people cover it with plastic What causes cracking in new concrete And how do you prevent this cracking Curing concrete properly while it's fresh can save you a lot of trouble later. ... Answer You've probably seen people cover freshly done concrete work with plastic while it is curing. Why So that dirt doesn't blow onto the concrete during the curing period While it's true that covering the curing concrete will keep it cleaner, there's a more essential purpose behind this practice Remember, you mix water into concrete mix to activate the cement binding agent within. As the mix dries, it will harden. But the drying, or curing should be gradual, otherwise cracking may occur. To prevent cracking, plastic is placed over the curing concrete to trap the water inside, ensuring gradual curing. How To Build Concrete Patios( Concrete patios are durable and, with some landscaping imagination, can complement garden, entrance or other landscaping. Some prefer this material as a base for bricks, but if designed creatively, concrete patios can be attractive in their own right. Difficulty: Hard Time Required: 3 days Here's How: Building concrete patios requires some planning. Buy materials and tools ahead of time, and rent automatic cement mixer. Concrete calculator: to cover 50 sq. ft., 6 in. thick, you need 25 bags (pre-mixed, to expedite the project). Excavate with a garden shovel. In the North, 6 in. Two of these inches are for a bottom layer of gravel and the
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Curing -...

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