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CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY                                        ASSIGNMENT NO: 2 DOA: 04-03-2009 DOS: 12-03-2009 DOT: 12-03-2009 Answer the following questions in SERIAL ORDER. QUESTIONS: 1. Should we prefer segregated concrete? Support your answer? 2. According to you what should be the relationship between segregation and water gain? 3. We require workability for our concrete, should bleeding helps in it? 4. Illustrate “plastic stage of concrete”? 5. According to you how Workability affects the concrete? 6. There are factors, which affect the strength of the concrete; according to you what are they? 7. Compaction of concrete is necessary, support your answer?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. When the concrete dries out, what is the immediate effect on the strength of concrete? What happens on rewetting the specimens? 9. Hydration of concrete is good or bad? Justify? 10.Water cement ratio plays vital role in concrete, Discuss? 11.Constituents of concrete are related to cohesiveness of concrete, It alters the concrete strength if not properly mixed? Give justification? 12.Where should you use rapid hardening cement? 13.Clay and lime are raw materials of cement, what according to you if these will be added in excess or traces? CIVIL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT AMIT KUMAR DHIR...
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