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Assignment-3_of_WRE - 6 Give reasons for the following a...

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WATER RESOURCE ENGINEERING ASSIGNMENT NO: 3 DOA: 12-03-2009 DOS: 18-03-2009 Answer the following questions in SERIAL ORDER. QUESTIONS: 1. There are many factors affecting the location of intake, according to you what should be these? 2. In the pressure pipes, will you use cast iron pipes, support your answers? 3. Is simple submerged intake useful? illustrate your answer? 4. Water has been supplied to a town of one lakh population at the rate of 200 l/ capita per day from a river, 2.7 km away. The difference in elevation between the lowest water level in the sump and service reservoir is 32 meters. Determine the size of the main and the horsepower of the sump required. Assume suitable data where necessary? 5. What do you think must be the characteristics of water supplies?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Give reasons for the following a. The repairs of cement concrete pipes are difficult. b. The corrosion of pipes affects their carrying capacities? 7. Do we use centrifugal pumps? Support your answer? 8. You wanted to install a pump at your work place, what are the points you will keep in your mind? 9. If you have to use Intake towers, where you will use and also tell us the possible arrangements of intake towers? 10.You prefer dry intake tower or wet intake tower, support your answer? 11.There are different types of driving units commonly employed for running the pumping stations in public water supply schemes, please suggest some of them? CIVIL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT AMIT KUMAR DHIR...
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