Case narrative - Unresolved Service Request Step 4 The systems shows information about the Service Request and all the history that goes with that

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{Coastline Database} Author (s): Anna Kelly___________ Date:_11/08/2010__________ Version:___________ USE CASE NAME: Service Request USE CASE TYPE USE CASE ID: CTTS-007 Abstract: PRIORITY: High Extension: INVOKED BY: PARTICIPATING ACTORS: Client, Technician, Management DESCRIPTION: This use case describes the event of seeing a list of all unresolved Service Requests. Client can only see his/hers. The technician can only see his/hers. Management can see all that have been opened longer than 72 hours. PRE-CONDITION: The person must have log on before so that the system can see who they are and identify them as either a client, technician or as management. TYPICAL COURSE OF EVENTS: Action by user Action by system response Step 1 : This use case is done when the user picks the option to view unresolved requests. Step 2 : The system responds by showing a list of unresolved Service Requests that is for client/Technician. Step 3: The user can ask for a history of
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Unformatted text preview: Unresolved Service Request. Step 4: The systems shows information about the Service Request and all the history that goes with that. It can also give an option to go back to and see the original Service Request Step 5: The technician/Management can mark Service Request as resolved. Step 6: The system will see if the person is authorized to mark Service Request as resolved and can use the Manually Resolve Service Request. ALTERNATE COURSES: Step 2A : If it is management that the system will show all unresolved Service Requests that are open for more than 72 hours. Step 2 B : If there is no unresolved Service Requests than the system can show a message that says something to that affect. Step 6: If the person does not have permission to mark Service Requests as done, than the system will show a message. Another way is to keep the option of Marking Resolved in a gray out area. POST-CONDITION:...
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