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CS61A_sp99_mt1 - CS61A Midterm#1 Spring 1999 CS61a Spring...

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CS61a, Spring 1999 Midterm #1 (Total: 20 points) Question #1 [3 points] What will Scheme print in response to the following expressions? If an expression produces an error message or runs forever without producing a result, you may just say "error"; you don't have to provide the exact text of the message. If the value of an expression is a procedure, just say "procedure"; you don't have to show the form in which Scheme prints procedures. Assume that no global variables have been defined before entering these expressions (other than the predefined Scheme primitives). (word 'for '(no one)) (if (first 'flying) 'yes 'no) (every (lambda (w) (last (butlast w))) '(think for yourself)) (let ((first last) (last first)) (first (last '(tomorrow never knows)))) CS61A, Midterm #1, Spring 1999 CS61a, Spring 1999 Midterm #1 1
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((lambda (a b c) (word b a c)) '(i want you)) ((lambda (a) (a 3)) (lambda (x) (word x x))) Question #2 [4 points] Write a procedure n-to-nth that takes a positive integer n as its argument, and returns the value of n ^ n ( n to the n th power), computed by multiplying n by itself n times .
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