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CS61A_fa05_mt2 - Question 1(6 points What will Scheme print...

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Question 1 (6 points): What will Scheme print in response to the following expressions? If an expression produces an error message, you may just write "error"; you don't have to provide the exact text of the message. Also, draw a box and pointer diagram for the value produced by each expression. (map caddr '((2 3 5) (7 11 13) (17 19))) (list (cons 2 (cons 3 5))) (append (list '(2) '(3)) (cons '(4) '(5)))
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Question 2 (7 points) Suppose you are in a team working on a social networking program. You are given the constructor of a "person" data structure. (define (make-person first-name last-name favorite-sport favorite-movie) (list (list first-name last-name) favorite-sport (cons 'movie-favorite-movie))) a) Write the selectors: (define (first-name person)) (define (last-name person)) (define (favorite-movie person)) (define (favorite-sport person)) b) Your partner wrote a procedure find-partners that takes a person p and a list of persons lst as arguments, and returns the persons in the list that have the same favorite sport as p. Fix all the data abstraction violations in his code.
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