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Unformatted text preview: STAT 454/854 Winter 2009 Instructions for the Final Project 1. Project Requirements • Individual project with topic(s) approved by the instructor • Word processed final report with minimum eight double-spaced pages (including tables and/or graphs) • The final report should include at least the following parts: – A title and an abstract in less than 100 words – An introduction section to outline the problem(s) to be addressed – A main section to give technical details – A section on simulation studies, with detailed description on the simulation model and major results from the simulation – A final section for additional or concluding remarks – Acknowledgement and references • The preferred program language is R. All codes will need to be submitted online and the simulation program needs to be repeatable • Select your topic by Friday March 20 The final report is due Monday April 20 2. Suggested Topics • A comparison between SRSWOR and SRSWR, with focuses on point and variance...
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