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Unformatted text preview: STAT 854/454 Sampling Theory and Practice Assignment 1 Due: Wednesday, January 21, in class Format: standard A4 size paper, single-sided, with a cover page 1. For each of the following surveys, describe the target population, sampled population, sampling frame, response variable(s) and population quantities of interest. Discuss specific structures of the population (if any), possible problems with the sampling frame and/or with the survey data. (a) A student randomly selects two pages from each of the 12 chapters of Sharon Lohr’s book and carefully counts the number of typos on each of the selected pages. She reports that the estimated total number of typos in the book is between 65. (b) A survey conducted by the Dean of Mathematics last year indicates that about 15% of UW Computer Science graduates go to positions in the United States. Data were collected through questionnaires mailed to graduates from the past five years....
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