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Handout1 - STAT 454/854 Winter 2009 Handout#1 Some Commonly...

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STAT 454/854 Winter 2009 Handout #1 Some Commonly Used Terms 1. Target population : The complete collection of individuals or elements we intend to study, defined by the main objective of the study. 2. Sampling frame : The complete list of sampling units from which the survey sample is selected. 3. Frame population : The collection of all elements covered by the sampling frame. 4. Sampled population : The collection of all possible elements that might have been chosen in a sample; the collection of all possible elements with non-zero probability of being selected by the survey; the population from which the sample was taken; the population represented by the sample. 5. Observation unit : Individual elements of the population from which response vari- able is measured. 6. Sampling unit : Units we actually sample. It could be one of the two possible cases: (1) sampling unit is the same as the observation unit (i.e. the individual element), as in simple random sampling or stratified simple random sampling; (2) sampling unit is a cluster, as in single-stage or multi-stage cluster sampling, or stratified cluster sampling.
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