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In the Shade of Message and Prophethood

In the Shade of Message and Prophethood - In the Shade of...

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In the Shade of Message and Prophethood When the prophet (SAW) was around 40 he liked to meditate alone and think about life. He used to meditate at Mount An-Nour in the cave of Hira which was 2 miles from Makkah. -He brought with him food and water and shared with people he saw. -Anyways when he was up there he used to wonder about life and idolatry and if it all made sense. All this meditation and thoughts got him super close with Allah. -One night he had the first revelation (everyone knows this story-iqra 3times, etc.) After this revelation there was a pause for a couple of days. -The prophet (SAW) became so sad that he wanted to throw himself from the top of the mountain but everytime he would go up Jibreel came and stopped him (Bukhari 2/340) -In reality Allah paused the revelations so the prophet had time to catch up and to realize what was going on. Then once the prophet (saw) was back to normal the revelations began again.
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