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Mariam Selevany Humanities 101 Section 039 9/16/10 Annotated Bibliography Bradbury, Ray . Fahrenheit 451, Ballantine Books, February 1951. Print This novel follows the life of the main character Guy Montag. Guy Montag is employed by the government as a “fireman”. Ironically his job requires starting fires rather than putting them out. In a time filled with extreme censorship, Guy is called upon to burn any novels or books found in a citizen’s position. The temperature at which books burn is at 451 Fahrenheit. Eventually Guy begins to realize and to recognize the fault of his government. He turns on his job and void life and begins to fight for what he truly believes in. I chose this book because it is my all-time favorite novel ever since I read it in 8 th grade. This novel teaches us to stand up for what is right no matter who is against us. Rivera, Ray and Roston, Michael. “New York City Battered by Fierce Storm.” New York Times, September 16, 2010. Web. In this online article the writer describes the havoc and destruction caused by a simple
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Annonated_Bibliography - Mariam Selevany Humanities 101...

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