Double Edged Sword

Double Edged Sword - Selevany Mariam M. Selevany Dr....

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Selevany Mariam M. Selevany Dr. Fleischer Humanities 101-039 08 September 2010 Is Science and Technology a Double-Edged Sword? The expression a double - edged sword implies that an action or decision which appears to help can also harm the sword holder. Metaphorically speaking, a sword with two edges would solve one problem, but could potentially cause even more problems on the back swing. In opinion, technology and science are definitely double edged swords. In accordance with the definition of a double-edged sword, technology and science both have their ups and downs. On one hand the bright side of science and technology shines with astounding advancements in a number of different fields such as medicine and computers. And on the other hand, there are colossal shortcomings to progression in science and technology. Science and technology have gone through many remarkable and mind-boggling milestones throughout the past years. Without these developments many of the luxuries and the opulence’s that are enjoyed today would have never been feasible. In
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Double Edged Sword - Selevany Mariam M. Selevany Dr....

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