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Selevany 1 Mariam M. Selevany Dr. Fleischer Humanities 101-039 08 September 2010 The Contribution of Rachel Carson Rachel Carson was an indomitable and resolute lady; once her mind was set to a task literally nothing could stop her. This woman faced a number of obstacles and impediments throughout her life, some of which were life-threatening. Nonetheless nothing and no one stopped her from achieving her goals and leaving her mark on this world. The contributions of the ingenious and brilliant Rachel Carson to this world are utterly insurmountable. Carson was the one drop of difference in a sea of sameness; she started the environmental movement with her voice of reason. And she also brought attention to alarming facts about the dangers of pesticides. This tiny lady had an influential and commanding voice that proved to the world that one person, let alone a woman, can truly make a difference if enough endeavor is brought forth. Carson’s determination and fortitude in her work helped bring out a great and immense change in this world. Her voice was the one voice of her time that triggered an entirely original and unusual movement known as the environmental movement. Carson’s words rang true with wisdom and astuteness. Words such as: “only within the moment of time represented by the present century has one species—man—acquired significant power to alter the nature of his world.” (1)(Carson “the Obligation” PG 344). This one line of pure intelligence speaks volumes about the nature of mankind and the way humans can alter the course of nature. Mankind, whether intentionally or unintentionally, tends to act selfishly and ruin the environment through the contamination of air, earth, and water. (2)(Carson “the Obligation” PG 344). Carson’s
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Selevany 1 sagacious and factually-based statements drew a copious amount of attention from the public as well as from the government. Senator Ribicoff of the US Senate referred to Rachel Carson as
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Rachel_Carson - Selevany 1 Mariam M. Selevany Dr. Fleischer...

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