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2000lec3_Ch1 - SYG 2000 Lecture 3 Chapter 1 Research...

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SYG 2000: Lecture 3. Chapter 1: Research Methods I. Distinctive Features of Social Science Research: A. literature review: 1 st step review previous research, often in scholarly journals B. formulate testable hypotheses: state what expect find (predict) based on theory 1. example: ratio of female/male suicide risk decreases with industrial development C. operationalize concepts in hypothesis: precise measures: e.g. development=GNP/cap D. validity of measures: measure what they purport to measure E. reliability: consistent (same) results when repeated over, even by other researcher II. Sample: elements selected from & representative of a larger, target population A. random: all elements in pop have the same chance of being included in study B. stratified: within categories, number in sample set to be proportional to population III. Surveys: respondents in sample asked neutral questions: not loaded to create bias A. example: not “Don’t you think that men who kill themselves should go to hell?” B. close-ended questions: followed by list of possible answers vs. open-ended
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  • social science research, independent variable c., independent variable b., Review previous research, A. literature review

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