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2000lec5_Ch2 - SYG 2000 Lecture 5 Chapter 2 Subcultures I...

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SYG 2000: Lecture 5. Chapter 2: Subcultures I. Values: standards that define what is desirable/undesirable, good/bad, beautiful/ugly A. norms: expectations or rules of behavior that develop to reflect/enforce values B. sanctions: expression of approval/disapproval given for upholding/violating norms C. moral holidays: when norms are loosened (e.g., Mardi Gras) permits nudity/drunk 1. safety valve: allows release of deviance—e.g. spring break in Florida/Mexico D. moral holiday places: eg. red light districts, Party Cove (Ozarks) norms expect broke E. folkways: norms that not strictly enforced (shrug shoulders); eg pass left on sidewalk F Mores:norms strictly enforced since thought essential to core values/well-being group 1. example: man walk in street w/ upper ½ naked (folkway) vs lower ½ (more) 2. strictly enforced rule (more): cover genitals/buttocks in public G. Taboo: norm so strong,even thought of violation create revulsion; unfit to live in soc 1. examples: have sex w/ parents, eat human flesh; sanctions—prison, death, banish II. Subculture: values/behaviors of group distinguishing its members from larger culture
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