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SYG 2000: Lecture 9. Chapter 3: Agents of Socialization and the Life Course I. Changing Images of Women in Mass Media A. Video games socialize their users: e.g. Laura Croft, tomb raider 1. breaks trad gen role: 1 st fem in field muscle-ripping, gun-toting macho caricatures 2. old powerful images:Laura oozes sex; fantasy girl for young men digital generation 3. captures young men’s fancy:>100 web sites devoted to her; star 2 movies/comic bk 4. warriers with breast: for women to be defined as equal become symbolic males 5. Why not vic-versa?: who move into trad ter of other? Imitate power or powerless? II.Soc Agents: A. stroller effect:child in stroller,dad push;not, mom push/nonverb cue? B. social class: w-c par mainly concern child stay away trouble/use phys punishment 1. m-c parents: >focus child’s curiosity,self express/control; >use reason than punish 2. why dif?: Kohn’s key: in work, bosses tell wc what to do; thus, teach obedience a. mc parents take more initiative at work: socialize children w/ qualities find val
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