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SYG 2000: Lecture 18. Chapter 6: Reactions to Deviance I. Street Crime/Prisons: A. U.S has more prisoners than other nation, but larger percent in prison B. growth in prison pop 1970-2000: 605%, compared to 38% growth in U.S. population C. blacks: make up 12.2 % U.S. pop, are @ ½ prison pop; 1/8 black males age 20-34 in prison D. How likely for college grads to go prison/jail?: 2.7% prison pop grads, yet 25.6% U.S. pop E. 3 strikes out: if 3 rd felony (inc nonviol), mandatory sentences up to life; unintended results 1. in Los Angeles a man was sentenced to 25 years for stealing a pizza. II. Decline in Crime: precipitous at time of harsh sentences; cause or due to >employ/<drug use? A. For past 15 years: U.S. has followed a “get tough” policy. III recidivism rate: the % of former prisoners who are rearrested; 3/4 prisoners been there before A. for violent crime: when released, in just three years, half are back in prison IV. death penalty bias: where murder commit affect death penalty/52% on death row not hi grad
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