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2000lec20_ch7 - SYG 2000 Lecture 20 Chapter 7...

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SYG 2000: Lecture 20. Chapter 7: Stratification and Social Class I. How Did the World’s Nations Become Stratified? A. Poor nations have few resources?: many rich, yet Japan few B. industrialization: begin Eng 1750, gives Eur powerful armaments/fast ships to colonize wld C. world system theory (Immanuel Wallerstein ’74,’79 ’90): indus lead 4 group nations: 1. 1 st 2 groups: i. core: indus 1 st ; ii. Semiperiphery: @Mediterannean/grow dep trade w/ core 2. next: iii. Periphery/fringe (E Eur) sold cash crops to core; iv. External area: outside cap dev D. Globalization of capitalism: Maquiladoras: assembly-for-export plants on Mex border 1. NAFTA: allow US corps on bord to import w/o tax/export to US w/o tax; pay worker $10/d 2. conditions: 10 hr day/30 min break; live shacks no run H20/sewage disposal (eg. Juarez ) 3. Conflict theory: split labor market; capitalists pit one group of workers against the other 4. functions/dysfunctions of maqiuladoras? E. Culture of poverty:
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