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Unformatted text preview: SYG 2000: Lecture 21. Chapter 7: A Social Class Model, Mobility, and Poverty I. Joseph Kahl & Dennis Gilbert’s 6-class model: builds on Weber’s cat: property/power/prestige A. capitalist class: 1% US pop; owns 40% assets; worth >bot 90% in US; pass to children assets 1.“old money”: rare mingle commoners/go exclusive priv school/no work wage; law/bus deg 2. nouveau rich: outsider/no go “right” school/lack infl networks of old $/no in Social Register B. upper middle class:>shape by ed/@all get bach deg; manag corp or own bus/profession/15% C. lower middle class:34%/in job follow orders up-mid class; threat taxes/inflation; blur line wc D. WC: 30%/rel unskill blu/whi-col work; <ed/inc than lmc; job <secure/>routine; >supervised 1. only hi schl diploma: little hope climb class/>fear be laid off/strive seniority than new work E. working poor: 16%; unskill/low-pay temp/seasonal jobs/eg. sharecrop/migrant/housekeep 1. ed: most hi sch dip/many functionally illit/not likely vote/dep food stamps etc/fear homeless1....
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