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2000lec22_ch8 - SYG 2000 Lecture 22 Chapter 8 Gender...

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SYG 2000: Lecture 22. Chapter 8: Gender, Biology, and Inequality I. Gender dif: behaviors/attitudes consider proper males/females; social, not, biological char A. why men >aggress than fem?: XY=men, XX=fem chromosome?/wld diversity suggests soc 1. Cynthia Fuchs Epstein (’86,’88,’89): tot soc: anthro record show earl soc, >= than thought a. activities: both fem/male hunt sm game/made tools/gath food; hunt/gath soc exist w/ = role b. rising crime rates around world for women: indicate soc factors influence aggression B. fem>prep parent? Alice Rossi ’77,’84: fem >sensitive infant’s soft skin/nonverb communic C. example of Brenda: penis burned off 7 mo old 1963; parents give sex-change 22 mo old 1. 4 yrs:give dress/no like dirty—imitate mom/ident twin broth can’t wash face—imitate dad 2. later no adapt feminity:no like dolls/urinate stand up/like tumble games/14expel beat up fem 3. age 25: married fem & adopted her children/ opens door to biological explanation D. research find men >testosterone tend >aggressive: eg rowdy frat v. frat w/ acad success (’66)
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