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EE 552 -Communication Theory-Spring 2010 Homework #2 - Optimal Scalar Quantization Techniques Date Assigned: Thursday, February 18 Date Due: Thursday, February 25 1) Use the Lloyd-Max algorithm to find the optimum 5 level quantizer for the pdf: ( 29 p x e x = - 1 2 Compute the resulting average SNR. Hints: * The symmetry of this distribution should save you 3/5 of your effort. * It will simplify your effort greatly to make use of a numerical integration routine such as the ‘int’ function in Matlab
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Use the generalized Lloyd algorithm to construct a four level quantizer using the following 20 element training sequence: 1.4682 0.4644 -1.5995 -0.1221 0.2562 -0.9649 -0.5832 0.7192 2.6982 -4.2336 -1.9021 1.9445 1.0075 -0.4700 0.7174 -1.6936 -1.7692 0.5503 2.6260 1.2981 Though not required for the problem, you may want to use test you quantizer on a long sequence of actual data, using the matlab m-file “quant.m” which can be downloaded from the course matlab page....
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