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EE 522 - Communication Theory - Spring 2010 Homework #5 - Error Probability Calculations Date Assigned: Tuesday, March 18 Date Due: Tuesday, March 30 1) Consider the following 8 QAM signal constellation: a) Use the Union Bound to find a formula for symbol error probability in terms of Eb/No. The distance ‘d’ marked out is intended to indicate the equidistant arrangement of points.
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Unformatted text preview: You will need to determine the relationship between ‘d’ and ‘Eb/No’. b) Find the value of Eb/No required to achieve a symbol error rate of 1e-7 for this 16 QAM signal constellation. 2) Proakis, Problem 4.6 3) Proakis, Problem 4.32 d d d d...
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