CourseOverview - 3 Course Overview Random Vectors Bayes’...

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1 EE528 Probability and Random Process Textbook: Alberto Leon-Garcia, “Probability and Random Processes for Electrical Engineering”, 2 nd Edition, Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-50037-X Supplementary: William Feller, “An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications”, John Wiley & Sons Dwight F Mix, “Random Signal Analysis”, Addison-Wesley Leonard Kleinrock, “Queueing Systems”, Volume 1, John Wiley & Sons Grading test1 25 Mid-term 25 test3 25 Final 25 total 100 The dates for test1 and test2 will be announced one week in advance. Homeworks will be given out but not graded. Don’t submit homeworks. If you do your homeworks fully, you will do well in test1 and test3.
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2 Course Map This course is to learn tools and problem solving skills needed for communication theories and network analysis. Probability Random Process Queueing Theory Network Protocols Information Theory Signal Theory Calculus, Linear Systems
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Unformatted text preview: 3 Course Overview Random Vectors Bayes’ Rule Joint cdf, pdf Correlation Min MSE Linear Estimate Square Functions of RVs Jacobian Expectation z-transform Moment Generating Function Laplace Transform Caushy-schwartz Inequality Markov Inequality Chebyshev Inequality Chernoff Bound Law of large numbers Central Limit Theoren Sample Mean Sample Variance Chi-square random variable Student-t Confidence Interval Random Variable Moments cdf, pdf (pmf) Coefficient of Variation Discrete-time Markov Process Cont-time Markov Process Birth-death Process M/M/c M/M/c/c Random Experiment Sample Space Event Distributions Binomial Geometric Uniform Exponential Poisson m-erlang/Gamma Hyper-exponential Gaussian Random Process Poisson Uniform Phase Sinusoid Random Telegraph Wiener Amplitude Modulation White Gaussian Autocorrela- tion Stationary random process Wide-sense Stationary Linear Time-invariant System Ergodic Process Power Spectral Density...
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CourseOverview - 3 Course Overview Random Vectors Bayes’...

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