CTR205 CHECKPOINT WEEK 5 - 2. Letter to the editor:...

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2. Letter to the editor: “Andrea Keene’s selective morality is once again Showing through in her July 15 letter. This time she expresses her abhorrence Of abortion. But how we see only what we choose to see! I wonder If any of the anti-abortionists have considered the widespread use of Fertility drugs as the moral equivalent of abortion, and, if they have, Why they haven’t come out against them, too. The use of these drugs Frequently results in multiple births, which leads to the death of one Of the infants, often after an agonizing struggle for survival. According To the rules of the pro-lifers, isn’t this murder?” North-State Record I think that that one falls into the category of Straw Man. Straw man ”rebutting” a claim by offering a distorted or exaggerated version of it. She is clearly exaggerating with her rebuttal. While it is true that fertility drugs can have that side effect and that it is common, it is uncommon to that these children have to struggle to survive. 3. In one of her columns, Abigail Van Buren printed the letter of “I’d rather
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CTR205 CHECKPOINT WEEK 5 - 2. Letter to the editor:...

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