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Unformatted text preview: 1 ISOM111 Business Statistics (Fall 2010) Suggested Solutions for Tutorial Set 1 Exercise 1a. Gender: Categorical nominal data Smoker or non-smoker: categorical nominal data Personal Income: numerical continuous data Money spent on buying cigarettes: numerical continuous data Education level (categorical ordinal), number of cigarettes smoked each day (numerical discrete), health condition (categorical nominal/ordinal), and so forth. b. The sample size is: 3423 + 3593 = 7016 c. The statistics are sample average personal annual income = $11000 sample proportion of smokers = 70% sample average percentage of personal income spent on buying cigarettes = 60% d. The study made inference about “all people in China.” e. The population that was sampled is the set of information of all people in the Suzhou District, a suburb of Shanghai, China. f. Since only those in the Suzhou District were sampled, the results may not be characteristic of all Chinese people. The group of people surveyed was from a very small group of people in China. The people in the people....
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plugin-01exS_1-3 - 1 ISOM111 Business Statistics (Fall...

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