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ANT Essay Marking Form - • Paper is generally coherent...

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E SSAY E VALUATION A NALYSIS , E VIDENCE , AND A RGUMENTATION ______ /20 Central research question/issue is clearly defined and comprehensively examined. Exhibits focus and cogent development of thought. Demonstrates knowledge of the key issues. Assertions are factually accurate, logically sound, and supported by references to the scholarly literature. Relevant examples are used. Group essays only: Essay demonstrates a degree of critical analysis, research (e.g. data collection) and overall forensic quality commensurate with the number of contributors. O RGANIZATION ______ /10 Logical format evident (i.e. introduction, body, conclusion). Introduction concisely and clearly describes the central argument or objective, and outlines the overall structure of the paper. Conclusion adequately pulls together the paper’s major points.
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Unformatted text preview: • Paper is generally coherent and not difficult to follow. U SAGE OF A CADEMIC S OURCES AND C ITATIONS ______ /5 • Sources are properly integrated into the text. • Reference format is consistent and appropriately employed. • Essay draws upon a variety of sources (i.e. does not suggest an over-reliance on one or two sources). • Works Cited section meets requirements. G RAMMAR AND M ECHANICS ______ /5 • Abides grammatical and orthographic conventions of standard English. • Composed with appropriate academic language (not rambling, overly colloquial, repetitious, etc). • Adheres to the assignment format as stipulated on Guidelines for Final Essay (hand-out). • Group essays only: Membership of group does not exceed 3 students. TOTAL ________ /40...
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