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HMB202H1F Human Anatomy Quiz November 15, 2010 Format: diagram labeling (~50%), multiple choice questions (~50%) Location : Examination Centre Room 100 (EX100), 255 McCaul Street Time : Normal lab time Use an interactive resource to learn about human anatomy of four systems: 1. Organs: Play the “Organs Game” to learn the location of each organ, and the 4 “Did You Know?” facts at < >. Appendix Urinary Bladder Brain Gallbladder Genitals ( & ) Heart Kidney Large intestines Liver Lungs Pancreas Skin Small Intestines Spleen Stomach Voice Box 2. Skeleton : Use the interactive skeleton diagram to learn the location and major functions of bones at < >. Mandible Sternum Ribs Spine Pelvis Coccyx Femur Patella Fibula Tibia
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