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Welcome to HMB202HIF Introduction to Health & Disease Course Syllabus Summary 2010-11 Course Instructors : Dr. Ron Wilson & Dr William Ju, Human Biology Program Office hours: Mondays 2-3pm HMB Course Coordinator: Dr. Valerie Watt, Human Biology Program & Department of Physiology Lectures: Mondays 10am -12pm, Earth Science Bldg, Room 1050, 33 Willcocks Street, (ES1050) Laboratories: Mondays l2-1pm or 1-2pm [24L, l2P]: An introductory course in Health and Disease using an interdisciplinary approach that integrates developmental human biology with perspectives from the Social Sciences. An exploration of the key concepts and approaches that are necessary for understanding the dynamic nexus of human health and disease. Prerequisite: (BIO120H1+BIO130H1)/150Y1 DR=SCI; BR=4 Course Outline: Date Topic Laboratory 1. September 13 Intro to Health & Disease No lab scheduled
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Unformatted text preview: 2. September 20 Infectious Microorganisms H1N1 news bulletin 3. September 27 The Immune System Case 1 4. October 4 Human-Microbe Interactions Microbiology 1 October 11 Thanksgiving 5. October 18 Midterm exam Microbiology 2 6. October 25 Chronic Disease, Cancer Microbiology 3 7. November 1 Preventative Health Case 2 November 8 Fall break Fall break 8. November 15 Nutrition Anatomy quiz 9. November 22 Integrative Medicine Case 3 10. November 29 Clinical Ethics Case 4 11. December 6 Epidemiology Q&A Evaluation: Lab 30% (3%/lab) weekly Midterm exam 25% Oct.18 Anatomy quiz 5% Nov.15 Final exam 40% Final exam period Required Textbook: Health and Disease, 2011, Volume 1ISBN 10558637035, Health and Disease, 2011, Volume 2 ISBN 10558866263. Pearson Learning Solutions. Notes: Late submission of assignments will not be accepted. The contents of this syllabus summary may change....
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