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bmgt364 exam2 - Management Exam#2 Study Guide I Going...

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Management Exam #2 Study Guide I. Going Global a. Understanding Global Business i. Books – 1. “The Lexus and the Olive Tree” – globalization is the integration of capital, technology, and info across national borders, single global market 2. “The World is Flat” – Web enabled, forms of collaboration without regard for language or geography a. Flatteners – the fall of the Berlin wall, Netscape ipo, outsourcing, and wireless b. Singapore i. Transition from third world country to first world country 1. Gained independence in 1965 and self rule 1959 2. GDP per capita is 5 th largest in the world 3. Competitive advantage – a. Sophisticated infrastructure in urban planning, diversity, and innovation i. 1970’s transformed to manufacturing center ii. Freedom from licensing fees for multinational corporations b. Most OPEN ECONOMY, second best for investing 4. Efficient mass transportation system and education system ii. Low crime because of very strict laws 1. Plain clothes officers to find people who litter 2. 700 dollars if you throw your cigarette on the ground iii. Each community reflects country as a whole iv. 85% of population live in government housing v. Singapore Model 1. Assemble the best talent for your team 2. Open your mind 3. Learn from the world 4. Be guided by pragmatism a. Retain what works b. Abandon what does not vi. Singapore through the years 1. 1970’s – electronics, automobiles, and petrochemicals 2. 1980’s – computers, TVs, VCRs 3. 1990’s – semi-conductors, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals c. Gulf Cooperation Council i. Trade bloc involving six Arab states ii. Fastest growing economies 1. Because of booms in oil and natural gas revenues 2. Building investment booms d. Dubai
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i. Fastest growing city in the world, part of the Arab Emirates 1. Leader Shenk Muhammad ii. Home grown companies 1. Emirates Airlines 2. Dubai Ports world iii. No more than 5% of revenue comes from oil iv. Steady profits from tourism, trade, technology, and high profile real estate v. Competitive Advantage 1. Strategic location – midway between East Asia and Western Europe 2. Stability 3. Free economic system a. No trade quotas, stable exchange rate, no direct taxes on corporate profits 4. Excellent living conditions a. Large port and busiest airports b. No individual tax c. Healthcare d. Low crime rate 5. Political and economic stability from United Arab Emirates vi. Wants everything to be the biggest and the tallest 1. Expanding VERY FAST – five years e. Global Presence Framework i. Choice of products, choice of markets, mode of entry, transplantation of the corporate DNA, winning the local battle, and the speed of global expansion ii. “Quest for Global Dominance” – Wal-Mart 1. In 1991 0% of sales were from abroad 2. In 2007 40% of sales were from abroad 3. Choice of market a. Emerging NOT developed (Latin America) 4. Mode of entry a. Evaluated if it was government mandated, based on that decided whether or not to do joint ventures
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bmgt364 exam2 - Management Exam#2 Study Guide I Going...

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