Cheat Sheet Exam 2 - Checks to see if already in list: For...

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Checks to see if already in list: For i = 0 to lstToDos.Items.Count – 1 If lstToDos.Items(i).ToString.ToUpper = txtAdd.Text.ToUpper then MessageBox.Show(“Item already in list”) Exit Sub End If Radio Button radMedium.Checked=True Event triggered when user selects a rad.button Private sub radM_CheckedChanged(. .. Double click on rad.button to created this event Check Boxes Text next to the checkbox: chkPepperoni.Text = “Pepperoni” Check for true chkPepperoni.Checked = “True” List Box (lst) Use collections property to determine what options are there Add items @ runtime using the add method for items property lstReservations.Items.Add(strNewTime) strNewTime is the string appended to the Items property of the listbox Items index start at 0 How to assign Selected value to a variable: strReservations = lstReservations.SelectedItem Selected Index contains the number of the selected item strReservations = lstReservations.Items(lstReservations.SelectedIndex) SelectedIndex = -1 when no item is selected Use the count method to find the #’s of items I the list shoCount = lstReservations.Items.Count Insert Item lstReservations.Items.Insert(shoIndex, strItem) Removing Items (2 ways) lstReservations.Items.Remove(“9:00”) //searches for value lstReservations.Items.RemoveAt(0) //searches for Index Clear the list Box lstReservations.Items.Clear() Sort List box Either set property ‘Sorted’ to true, or use lstReservations.Sorted = True code ComboBox: cbo.SelectedIndex, cbo.SelectedItem Data Validation If strFavorite = “” Then MsgBox.Show() shoItemNum = lstToDo.SelectedIndex If shoItemNum = -1 Then , MsgBox() DropDownList looks like a DropDown but the user cannot items to it
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Cheat Sheet Exam 2 - Checks to see if already in list: For...

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