Test 3 CShet - C lass methods Public Class ValidationClass...

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Class methods Public Class ValidationClass Public Function CheckInteger( ByVal InputString As String ) As Integer Try-Catch to Validate Integer Try ResultInteger = Integer .Parse(InputString) Catch ex As Exception Return -1 End Try After user inputs wrong type / integer, this focuses to that textbox Me.OrderNumberTextbox.Focus() Private Shared Variables used between methods in a class (ex. mTotalSalesDecimal) Property Syntax Private decBalance as Decimal Public Property Balance() As Decimal Get Return decBalance End Get Set(ByVal value As Decimal) decBalance = value End Set End Property ReadOnly Example Public ReadOnly Property Grade() As String Get Grade = mGrade End Get End Property WriteOnly Example Public WriteOnly Property Midterm() As Short Set(ByVal Value As Short) mMidterm = Value End Set End Property Student Grade Code Private Sub btnGrade_Click(ByVal sender As . .. 'Declarations Dim mGrades As New StudentGrade 'Input mGrades.Midterm = nudMidterm.Value mGrades.Paper = nudPaper.Value mGrades.Final = nudFinal.Value 'Processing Call mGrades.CalcGrade() 'Output lblPercent.Text = mGrades.Percent.ToString lblGrade.Text = mGrades.Grade End Sub Chapter 10 Array of Size 10: Dim strPaint(9) As String Prepopulated 1 Element Array: strPaint(0) = “Royal Blue” Reading Values from an Array: lblPaintColor.Text = strPaint(0) Prepopulating: Dim varName() as Type = {List} 2-D Array: Dim shoPoints(3, 4) as Short Array Methods: GetLowerBound, GetUpperBound, Length ReDim – resizes an array Preserve – keyword used to preserve data when resized Structures Public Structure sEmployee Dim strLast as String…… End Structure Declaring Structures: Dim Employee as sEmployee Create an array with 10 structures: Dim Employees(9) as sEmployee Populating Structures Employee(0).strFirst = “Anne” Loop For i=0 to 4 Employee(i).decGross = Employee(i).sngHours * Employee(i).decPayRate Next i Structures Potential Problems Data types must conform to needs of data, structures must be created
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Test 3 CShet - C lass methods Public Class ValidationClass...

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