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ASP 4 – Modify/Delete Customers Due: 10/6/09 Your employer has another webpage requirement. This one will be used by employees to edit and delete customer records. Since customers will add themselves using the webpage previous developed, no add functionality is required for this assignment. The form (named ManageCustomers.aspx) will show all customers in a drop down box (lastname, firstname). When the employee selects a customer, that customer’s information should be shown on the form (in textboxes), and the employee should be able to either modify the customer information or delete that record. When the page loads, the first customer’s information should be selected and the appropriate information displayed, and the information is read only. Modify Record When the employee selects the modify action, only two buttons on the form should be enabled: Save and Abort. All other buttons and the dropdown list should be disabled - the only choices for the users are now Save or Abort. Once one of these two options is selected, the form reverts to its initial state. Clicking on abort will reload the customer’s original data.
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