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MIS 333K - ASP6 - Fall 2009 - Byars

MIS 333K - ASP6 - Fall 2009 - Byars - order when one of the...

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ASP 6 – Stored Procedures Due: 10/20/09 This homework will combine some of the elements of earlier homeworks, but the difference is that you MUST use stored procedures for EVERY access of your database. IF you use any of the previous methods on this homework, you will receive a failing grade. This will be the last homework involving your previous employers. Employees must login before the main form should open. When the main form (Search.aspx) does open, it should show customer information in a gridview. The form should contain buttons for the following searches: Search by username (partial) Search by lastname (partial) Search by city (partial) Search by state (two letter state code) There should also be a Show all Records button to restore the gridview to all of the customer records, and clear the search text box. There are to be two radio buttons for sorting the records of the gridview: one for sorting by name (last and first) and one by username. The radio buttons themselves do not cause any sorting, but determine the sorting
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Unformatted text preview: order when one of the search buttons is pressed. Name the application ASP6 and the form Search.aspx. You can use the same employee login form from your previous homework, but you must use ONLY stored procedures for ALL database access. Follow all form and coding standards as usual. Partial search use the LIKE statement: SQL Hint: SELECT * FROM tblCustomers WHERE LastName LIKE ‘search_string_goes_in_here%’ The “%” on the end of what the user types will tell SQL, along with the LIKE statement will tell SQL to find all records where the last name starts with whatever is in the search textbox. Please show the number of records shown in the gridview at all times. When the form opens, the sort by name radio button should be selected and the records should be sorted. You may use dataviews on this assignment. Make sure to reload the table before grading....
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