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Exam 1 Textbook Notes- - special guest d Ex Public Service...

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Adv 318J Textbook Notes 1. Advertising : a paid , mass-meditated attempt to persuade (must consist of these three things or it’s not advertising. a. A paid communication by a company that wants its information disseminated or spread. b. If it’s not paid for, it’s not advertising. c. Ex: Publicity is not advertising. If Will Smith goes on the Jay Leno show to promote his movie, it’s not advertising. He didn’t pay Jay Leno show but get good publicity while Jay Leno gets a
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Unformatted text preview: special guest. d. Ex: Public Service Announcement (PSAs) is not advertising. They only offered information to the public and are unpaid communication. i. Ex: Just say no to Drug commercials. e. Mass meditated: delivered to reach more than one person, aimed at a mass amount of people 2....
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