Exam 1Exam 1si Review Session

Exam 1Exam 1si Review Session - Amanda Thomas:...

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Amanda Thomas: athomas2541@mail.utexas.edu Melissa Barnes: Melissa.barnes@mail.utexas.edu http://webspace.utexas.edu/mjb878 Check Concepts from the Book! 5-8 questions 1. p. 79, twp specific things at the bottom. a. What can advertising do that IBP can’t? b. What was the strategy a certain company does to succeed? Chapter 1 p. 12 2. What word is essential to the IBP? a. Coordinated or Coordination because without coordination, the consumers is receiving different information 3. p. 22 4. The four area of the marketing mix a. Product: actual feature of the products, warranty design b. Price: different level of pricing, how you pay c. Promotion: what we do in this class (advertising, pr) d. Distribution: where is it located, how is given to the consumers 5. p. 30-31 a. Primary Demand: increasing demand for everything i. Advertising can not stimulating or increase primary demand 1. Dr. Murphy say you can! “Got Milk” campaign 6. p. 39 7. What two things that advertising do that IBP Box can’t do? a. Create brand image b. Create positioning Lecture 8. What was the point of the You-Tube video? (some guy yelling in the street?) a. It was a great way to define advertising. 9. Barbara Jordan (IBP campaign) a. Barbara Jordan was an American Express Campaign b. 10. Explain the detail of point of the banana republic?
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Exam 1Exam 1si Review Session - Amanda Thomas:...

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