Exam 2 - Si Session- Fall 2006 - Murphy

Exam 2 - Si Session- Fall 2006 - Murphy - m. PR = more...

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SI session Webspace.utexas.edu/mjb878/ [email protected] email her your finish project and she’ll look over it! 1. Status Check 2. How are your notes? 3. Project 2 4. Quiz Time 1. Lisa O’Neill Guest Speaker (Oct. 12 th ) a. PR graduate at UT b. Sicola Martin (PR Manager) c. Journalism Major graduate in 1988 d. 18 years of PR e. 8 different jobs f. 1 st job: hard rock café as PR Manager g. 2 nd job: move to Boston did press Releases for Broadway Performances (La Vita, Jesus Christ) h. 3 rd job: did press releases for restaurant i. PR is the core of MEDIA relations! j. PR characteristics and qualities! i. has to enjoy writing ii. PR: enjoy writing and learn about different places iii. Has to be a good net worker and good personalities iv. Know your businesses v. Keep up with the trade k. Susan McCoy i. Campbell’s breast cancer awareness ii. Medial relations: putting in a positive spin l. Main PR tool i. Press Release 1. Send it to the right people 2. 2 pages 3. fact sheet on top 4. quick way of showing people what’s available
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Unformatted text preview: m. PR = more controlled n. She listed websites that you can come to look at Press Releases 2. Project 2 a. Same Memorandum Format as 1 st Project b. 5 Paragraphs because you have to answer 5 questions i. What is it that Drive this brand selection? ii. What does the consumer wants? c. Specific Categories but any brands i. Bottle water ii. Colas iii. Sports and Energy Drink d. Consumer insight i. What sticks out most to the consumer? ii. Knowing what your consumer wants? iii. What the brand tries to appeal to the consumers iv. What is it that DRIVES this brand Selection? 1. Brand Networks a. Make sure you have the 5 senses on the product b. Make anything that ties with Memory and Events c. Events should be very memorable and emotionals i. Ex: won a v-ball game because they drank that brand water d. Convenience factor e. Competition f. Marketing 2. Attributes… Brand Associations 3....
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Exam 2 - Si Session- Fall 2006 - Murphy - m. PR = more...

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