Exam 2 - Vivi Textbook Notes- Fall 2006 - Murphy

Exam 2 - Vivi Textbook Notes- Fall 2006 - Murphy - Chapter...

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Chapter 7 -- Advertising Promotion Research (4e) Highlight √ 242 introduction of New Coke in 1985 illustrates that (1) relying on research alone can lead to marketing disaster; and, (2) never, ever, ever confuse a product with a brand . Coke possessed cultural meaning way beyond simple taste. 242 Fig. 7.1 -- Bernbach is on the record as being misunderstood by O¿Guinn and others; Mr. B. believed: (1) one needs solid research to form the basis for developing effective advertising; but, (2) research never comes up with a creative idea, it is what one does with the research insights that really matters . 244 Ex. 7.4 – Reliability - consistent Validity - relevant Trustworthiness – qualitative data Meaningfulness – what it means, reason behind it why do some consider developmental research the most valuable kind? to help understand street lingo, cool 245-6 the four purposes 1) idea generating - interview 2) Concept Tests - feedbacks 3) Audience definition - target 4) Audience profiling – lifestyle research eg 246 Ex. 7.6 -- what type of developmental ad research was behind Crest White strips ? CONCEPT TEST √ 246 focus groups : discussion groups of about 6 people who sit together and share thoughts with the moderator 247 Global Issues box -- Japanese girls are important because they create hype and predict product success 247-8 projective techniques; - project thoughts and feelings with pictures and ink blots dialogue balloon, story construction, sentence completion, ZMET (metaphors), Fieldwork cool hunts – going to sites where you stalk whats cool and bring it back to study 249, 252 four secondary sources: internal – within the firm, letters, reports, data, last years results gov. sources – population, income, spendings, transportation communication Sources – PRIZM, zip code, one area prof. pubs - periodicals the Internet search engines √ 250-1 Ex. 7.8 -- this kid knew cool for converses ; the last paragraph = key is look for cool PEOPLE 255 Ex. 7.12 -- what do Google Groups provide advertisers? Sophisticated info for FREE 256-60 eight standards against which ads are judged (evaluative criteria) -- gist of each - understand it, residue, knowledge, attitude, feelings, psychological, actual, and behavioral 260-4 copy research methods: only gist of communication, if they understand it and get it resonance, wisk recall, memory Though listing residue eg 260 Ex. 7.18 -- RESONANCE TEST for WISK eg 263 Ex. 7.19 -- what is the danger novel imagery as illustrated by this ad? DISTRACTION 263 note one paragraph on Starch research that is included as part of project 3 eg 265 Ex. 7.23, 7.24, 7.25 -- what do ads fail to do? Promote, differ, and make memorable 266 tracking studies track effects of ads overtime 268-9 direct response COST ACCOUNTING eg 269 Ex. 7.27 -- what type of test does ad use? DIRECT RESPONSE
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√ 269-70 account planning v. ad research - one planner stays with single client, more development, more qualitive, cheaper 270 need more naturalistic setting to increase validity
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Exam 2 - Vivi Textbook Notes- Fall 2006 - Murphy - Chapter...

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