Exam 2- Compress Class Notes- Fall 2006 - Murphy

Exam 2- Compress Class Notes- Fall 2006 - Murphy - 1...

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1. communication: sharing of meaning 2. communication: process which a person transmit stimuli to modify attitude and behavior 3. Purpose of Communication: to Persuade!!! a. Communication is successful when your expectation matches the audience’s response! 4. Oneida ads: “source” expect you to have experience with nursery rhyme a. Ex: Spoon run away with forks 5. Encoding : Source send out message a. Message intend to persuade b. Sources use Symbols in their message! 6. Decoding : Audience make out what the message say (assign meaning to message) a. Ex: shrimp 5# discount = 5 lb. discount 7. Feedback : a. In term of feedback, the source is Decoding, and Audience is Encoding since Audience is giving message 8. Advertisers use Sales as Feedback although it’s not the best idea! a. Sale is only One aspect and it’s beyond that 9. 2 problems looking at Sales as Feedback a. Advertiser = 1 factor in success b. carry over affect” ppl might buy product later, though they still like the ad! 10. Target’s Strategy: a. Stand out!!! Uncluttered Ad Environment i. Hire 21 ads artist and illustrators ii. Use Target’s bull eyes logos in NY theme 1. ex: shoes as a big bridge 2. kids in NY downtown licking Target bull eyes b. Target = only advertiser!! 11. Brand networks: what does a specific brand mean to you? a. brand names: b. 1) important intangible(unclear) corporate assets c. 2) provide the basis for developing effective ibp campaigns d. 3.)brand network = a structure of attributes, associations, comparisons, i. consumer creates meaning for an individual brand e. 4.) brand info is stored as it relates to : i. 1) attributes: ii. 2) other objects: iii. 3)events, people and experiences: f. handout - Creating a memory i. grandmother and cookies g. book – “ Brand Sense ” by Martin Lindstrom i. build powerful brand insight through the senses h. building powerful brands through touch taste, smell, sight and sound i. ex. Intel sound
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ii. ex: Harley Davison sound i. most developed brand in the world in terms of sensory branding is i. Most sensory brand Singapore airlines ii. ex. of smell: Westin ad " The calming new scent of Westin " iii. - white tea print ad scent strip j. ( 75% of our emotions are generated by smell) k. study conducted by baylor medical school brain scan study l. 1)blind taste test = even split, brain used bentro-ateral prefrontal cortex only m. 2) Cola’s identified = 3 of 4 chose coke, brain used hippocampus and another part of prefrontal cortex n. Brand loyalty overrides taste!!!
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Exam 2- Compress Class Notes- Fall 2006 - Murphy - 1...

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