Exam 2- Notes- Fall 2006 - Murphy

Exam 2- Notes- Fall 2006 - Murphy - Exam 2...

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Exam 2 www.Webspace.utexas.edu/mjb878 www.texasmedia.utexas.edu A. Communication : The sharing of meaning B. Communication : The process by which an individual transmit stimuli to modify the attitude and behavior of individuals C. Purpose of all Communication: To Persuade a. Communication is successful when you there is a correspondent in your target’s response. If your “expectations” in your message matches their response, then communication is successful. D. Oneida ads : with the Spoon running away with the dish a. Perfect example of the “source” or the ad creator to expect you have a good field of experience on the nursery rhyme. E. Audience unfamiliarity a. Kvtu ep ju. b. Just do it F. 3 Basic Tasks: a. Encoding : Perform by the source i. Message development ii. Source provide stimuli into a message iii. The message has an intended affect to persuade the audience iv. Source uses symbol in their message 1. Symbol : words, objects, pictures and figures that hold and can be used to convey some of kind of meaning 2. Symbol : representation for something else. CAT = animal cat b. Decoding : i. Task perform by the Audience ii. The audience assign meaning to the message iii. They interpret the message iv. Shrimp 5# (pound) Discount c. Feedback : i. We want to know how well our audience understand the message ii. We want to know how they respond to the message iii. In term of Feedback , the source is doing the Decoding and audience is Encoding iv. Feedback is very important in adjusting the message G. What do advertisers want to use to get feedback? a. $ales! Sales! $ales! H. What should advertisers use to get feedback? a. Football game analogy i. Looking on Sale alone, is like evaluating one player performance at the end of game ii. Since we Do NOT look at only one player’s performance at the end of the football game, we should not look at only Sales when it comes to feedback b. Same thing, if the products is really good and if you don’t advertiser that much, sales could still be high, VICE VERSA I. 2 major problems with using Sales as feedback a. Advertising = only 1 factor b. “Carryover effect”: They might see an ad, but may not want to buy it for a very long time i. The Bermuda Shorts ad: (going to the island for vacationing) 1. Successful ad campaign although Dr. Murphy still hasn’t been there 2. He would like to go, so the campaign works
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3. As long as the advertising is very confincing, it works although you didn’t buy the product. 4. This is why you can’t judge just on Sale, because of the “carryover effect” J. Target(the store) buys whole New Yorker issue K. Target’s Strategy (to stand out) a. Uncluttered the ad environment i. Higher 21 ads artist or illustrators ii. Use Target’s bull eye logos iii. Must have NY theme 1. Ex: shoes as a bridge 2. two kids in downtown licking target logos 3. bunch of people in downtown with target logos everywhere L. Target = only advertiser M. The Communication Process a. Communication variables: advertising can influence whether or not
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Exam 2- Notes- Fall 2006 - Murphy - Exam 2...

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