Exam 3 - Adv 318J notes- Fall 2006 - Murphy

Exam 3 - Adv 318J notes- Fall 2006 - Murphy - 11/9/06 1....

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11/9/06 1. Importance of Headlines!! 1.) Headline must grab attention i. Ex: Red Lion Hotels and Inn Ad ii. Ex: American Music World Ad 2.) Headline must be relevant i. 1. “protect your nest egg” more relevant 3.) Headline : can coax the reader into ad by either i. Holding something back 1. ex: canyon ranch ad: “restore your love of the classics. And just maybe yourself” ii. Telling a complete selling story at a glance 1. ex: cannondale ad: “if it were human, they’d test it for steroids” (bicycle” 2. ex: a few ways to balance your hate for insects with your love for the environment” iii. Number of words in headlines that are best 1. “8-10 words are best” –Ogilvy- 2. 5x more people read the headline than the copy: put brand name in headline 3. ex: (bad) Elcom.com ad: Headline = 29 words 2. 3 Importance of Illustrations 1.) Illustrations should Support the selling point ! i. Ex: Instinet Ad: weird swatch of red color that doesn’t make sense & doesn’t relate to headline (“to the competition, you are invisible”) ii. 1 st example Cannon Ad ex: “what’s the relation between product & illustration? Irrelevant (bad) iii. 2 nd example Cannon Ad ex: very RELEVANCE, Direct, and Understandable 1. No borders ad: a. Subhead: what to look for in a camera iv. Harley Davidson: illustrated very well, Complementary Relationship!! 2.) Illustrations must have Story-Appeal ! i. Ex: coffee ad, British Airway ad ii. Ex: perfect example: National Geographic because photos are either Beautiful or Shocking 1. It Raise questions: “What’s going on?” “Why is this person happy?” 2. Best photos in Nat Geo : generally have Children or sometimes Animals because it shows that people are Feeling Good! 3. 2 nd Best: Story Appeal – The Aesthetic quality of photos 4. 3 rd Best: Story Appeal – Readers can relate to the scene to their own lives! 3.) Illustration should form a complementary relationship with the headline i. Look for a complementary relationship in a Print Ad. ii. Ex: Harley Davidson Ad “what would you do if you don’t answer to anybody” iii. Ex: Direct Express ad “Are you still supporting the federal budget” 1. Very efficient during Taxi Season (April) iv. Ex: “Be Don Juan, Not Don Knotts” (headline) 1. Don Juan: legendary singers and lovers 2. Don Knotts: guy from an old Andy Griffin Show (very dorky guy) v. Does it matter if you don’t know the two characters? 1. No!! 2. b/c of Target Audience! We’re not the target audience, so it’s ok that we don’t know! 3. Luke Sullivan : Find a photo with “Story appeal” that expresses what you want to convey
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1.) Ex: photograph that express the happiness and curiosity of a child 2.) Photograph of a child that is playing in the puddle (Extremely Cute) i. “Life is short. Childhood is shorter” ii. Very Relevance!! iii.
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Exam 3 - Adv 318J notes- Fall 2006 - Murphy - 11/9/06 1....

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