Exam 3 - adv318j exams- Fall 2006 - Murphy

Exam 3 - adv318j exams- Fall 2006 - Murphy - a outrageous 6...

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Exam 3 1. vulgarity and product is more effective than good taste 2. Luke Sullivan: find a photograph that captures or expresses what you want to convey 3. people with deep insights into human nature 4. advertising 2 step process a. putting the words together 5. outpost.com commercials in common
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Unformatted text preview: a. outrageous 6. three formidable challenges advertiser face worldwide a. creativity, regulatory, media 7. what is old is new again 1923 a. proctor & gamble 8. direct marketing in ex. 19.6 is to stimulate order and promotional orders...
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