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Exam 3 - vivi exam3beg- Fall 2006 - Murphy

Exam 3 - vivi exam3beg- Fall 2006 - Murphy - 21:53:00...

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04/12/2006 21:53:00 Headline **Must Grab Attention Ex. Some airlines should have their asterisks kicked Ex. Babies 50% off (free delivery) *selling baby pianos **Must be relevant Ex. Rise and Shine - Citi Bank ad/ picture of a carton of egg - Protect your Nest Egg ** Can coax the reader into the ad by either: a) Holding something back ex. Restore your love of the classics. And just maybe youself. Picture of violin, ad for Canyon Ranch b) Telling a complete story at a glance ex. Spread ad. “If it were human, they’d test it for steroids” for bike. Cannondale ex. A few ways to balance your hate for insects with your love for the enviornment ** How many words best for recall?? 8-10 words are best; 5x’s more people will read the headline, you should put brand name in headline Illustration * Should support the selling point the advertiser wants to communicate . Ex.Bad. Istinet. Picture of red blob, with black dot. “To the competition, you are invisible.” How is it relevant? Ex.Bad. Cannon Ad, Picture of House of snakes. “weight on your sholders.” Concept is flawed Ex. Good: Cannon. “NO Borders.” Picture of a beach. Sells printer * Should form a complementary relationship with the headline. Ex. Direct Express. “Are you still supporting the Federal Budget?” Pic of Federal $14 and $9.65 for direct express Ex. Be Don Juan, Not Don Knotts. Don Juan: romantic, Don Knotts: neighbor from 3’s Company Does it matter that YOU don’t know who they are? NO. We aren’t in the t arget audience! So it doesn’t matter. * Must have STORY APPEAL
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Ex. Coffee Ad, Pic of French River side. Couple sitting drinking. Ex. British Airways. Body running with face of a lady executive. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - built around pictures with story appeal - pictures touch reader bc they are beautiful/ unusual - raises a question, makes you want to stop and study the picture A. most popular : Pictures with children/animals: show people feeling good! Pic: mom/daugter on lawn happy B. 2 nd most popular: the aesthetic quality of photo Pic: boy holding lamb C. 3 rd most popular readers relate to the scene Pic: Different people on Boardwalk Luke Sullivan: “Find a photo with “story appeal” that expresses what you want to convey. Advice for doing a print ad Life is short. Childhood is shorter. Picture of baby playing in puddle. For Family Life Magazine. * Increase impact by using a visual puzzle. “Alpen” A is roof of cottage. Once you solve you feel good about yourself.
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Exam 3 - vivi exam3beg- Fall 2006 - Murphy - 21:53:00...

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