Final Exam - 318 vivi complete Final Exam - Text notes- Fall 2006 - Murphy

Final Exam - 318 vivi complete Final Exam - Text notes- Fall 2006 - Murphy

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Chapter 1 -- The World of Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion (4e) ctp 8 two summary paragraphs beginning ¿The truth about adv. lies somewhere . ..¿ legitmacy of process, etc. Advertising reflects the way we think about things and the way we see ourselves. It is a complex communication process and a dynamic business process (relied on by companies big and small to build their brands. ADV and IBP are key to organizations’ strategies designed to build awareness for their brands. 9 definition of adv. Advertising - is a paid, mass-mediated attempt to persuade √ 11 three essential criteria to be an ad The communication must be paid for The communication must be delivered to an audience via mass media The communication must be attempting persuasion 12 adv campaign; integrated brand promotion (IBP); what word is central to the IBP definition? IBP – the use of many promotional tools, including advertising, in a coordinated manner to build and then maintain brand awareness, identity, and preference. √ 14-16 Fig. 1.13 -- model of mass-mediated communication + gist of text discussion Production Accommodation and Negotiation Reception Creation of advertisement & Advertiser’s message & expectations, ways consumer interprets ads, meanings formed and individual understanding of ad 15 critical point the model underscores? (toward bottom of page) No ad contains a single meaning for all audience members. 16-17 five broad target audience categories: hh, business, trade channel, prof., gov. Household Consumers, Members of business organizations, members of a trade channel (retailers & wholesalers & distributors), Professionals (doctors), Government officials and employees 17-19 global v. international adv; eg why does Unilever not use the same laundry d. ad across int. markets? Global Advertising – ad used worldwide with only minor changes International Advertising – when firms prepare and place different advertising in different national markets outside their home market.
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Unilever didn’t use the same laundry ad across internationally markets because consumers in different cultures approach laundry tasks differently. 19 Global Issues box -- lingerie in Saudi Arabia -- last para., lesson here + other lesson In Global Markets, any unique circumstances can restrict the way we might use advertising. Also, even though there may be barriers, the creativity of advertising can be used to overcome these barriers. 20 four important aspects of marketing process (discussion p. 21-30 focus on role of adv and IBP in each area) The marketing mix Brand development and management Achieving effective market segmentation, differentiation, and positioning Contributing to revenue and profit generation. 21 marketing; marketing mix; brand
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Final Exam - 318 vivi complete Final Exam - Text notes- Fall 2006 - Murphy

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