Final Exam - 318j Final lil sheet Lecture- Fall 2006 - Murphy

Final Exam - 318j Final lil sheet Lecture- Fall 2006 - Murphy

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1. Arby’s IBP campaign Chicken Natural Sandwich (Cordon Bleu): 1. Target audience: 2. $130 Mil: PR, Web site, Broadcast & print media, In-store merchandise, Sports sponsorship, “Apprentice” for Branded Entertainment, Buzz Marketing, Viral Marketing 3. 1984 Making of Apple: Approach -- regarded them as a little film dealing with the look 2. Banana Republic Ad : Garden of Eden (apple on tree) Brand Image , ad 3. California Tortilla: Jungle noise day Relevant , timely 1. Zany, fun image 2.) Encourages sampling 3.) Repeat Customers 4.) Cheaper 4. Campbell vs. Pillsbury : “stocked” was found misleading & NARB NOT ruled in favored of Campbell 5. Chevy sponsored CMA award in People’s Magazine: Feat. Kenny Chesney & got media coverage, public awareness, create Emotional Connection w/ 1. Successful: 1.) Event sponsorship w/ emotional hook 2.) Timely adv. build up to CMA award 3.) PR editorial stories 4.) Promotional calendar 5.) Star endorsement 6.) Chevy website 6. Debeers : withholding supply, clever marketing (position as an instrument of love) 1. Onspot Digital Network : Simon Prop. Group, LA first, 8 min loop, 30 sec spots, 50 malls, 2,000 screens, $350k 7. General Mills : Brand Navigators : try to change New-media in 07’ Goal : “Media Neutral” recommended forms 8. Hall Mark sponsored LPGA (golf) tourney : Connect consumers emotionally w/ brand 9. Haley Davidson : powerful brands network through Sound 10. Intel : powerful brand network through Sound 11. Levi’s mini-series campaign : End w/ “they go on”, Levi’s logos, web addy 1. Close-up shot of jean, off-beat funky orientation, tells incomplete story, connected by characters 2.) Levi’s accomplished : Cut through clutter, Engaging, Generate conversation value, Enhance Levi’s image, sell products 3.) Levi’s targeted: “peter pan” older ppl wanted to be young, 12. National Emperor Ad : Holy Jordan Talisman “brings u anything immediately” 13. Oneida ads: “source” expect u to have experience w/ nursery rhyme (Ex: Spoon run away w/ forks) 14. Pedigree Guerrila Marketing Chalk Art : create a Buzz ! SIMPLICITY! 15. : “quote about America’s best coffee is a lie” but 16. Red Roof Inns : Halo effect: create positive buzz = increase ratings 17. Singapore Airlines : most developed brand through sensory 18. Target 19. Trader’s Joe : train employees to listen to consumers, order all goods consumers want
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1. Advertising: a paid , mass-mediated , persuade ( salesmanship) 2. Ads: 3. 4 Facts of Economic Life 1. Firms compete for consumers favor, not guaranteed 2. Consumers not forced to buy 3. Caveat Emptor: “let the buyer beware” 4. Firms make own decision about what to buy, consumers free to come
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Final Exam - 318j Final lil sheet Lecture- Fall 2006 - Murphy

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