Final Exam - 318J Final Review Session- Fall 2006 - Murphy

Final Exam - 318J Final Review Session- Fall 2006 - Murphy...

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Adv318J Final Review Session 1. Chapters to Study a. Test 1: 1,2,4-6,20 b. Test 2: 7,8,10,11,14 c. Test 3: 9, 17-19 d. No Boxes (IBP, Creativity. .etc. .) 2. Videos To Study a. View from Touffou b. c. Bernbach Interview 3. Class Notes a. Key Concept Slides b. No Guest speakers 4. START to study By…. a. Do a big Invert Pyramids 1. Big Ideas, Examples, Check Concepts 2. Work your way down Sample Test Questions 5. Chapter 4: The Con for the social aspect of advertising that “advertising educates consumes” is: 1. a. adv is superficial and intrusive 2. adv wastes resources 3. adv is often offensive 4. adv affects programming 5. adv perpetuates stereotypes 6. Which one of the following is NOT one of the pillars of key components of the Marketing concept? a. Consumer orientation b. The marketing mix c. Integrated marketing d. Customer satisfaction
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Important in Lecture class a. Marketing/Advertising Context Handout b. Adoption Process Model c. Effective Print Ads d. Creativity in Advertising e. Model of Communication Process f. Humor in Advertising g. Subliminal Advertising h. Affluenza, Materialism & Advertising i. Brand Sense: the book, Martin Lynn j. Creative Use of TV advertising k. IBP campaigns (Arbys…) 8. Important from Text Book a. Consumer Modes of Decision-Making (171) b. Message Strategy Objectives & Methods (365) c. Social Aspects of Advertising (Chapter 4) d. Calculations 1. commissions (66) 2. Cost Per Thousand (503) 3. Share of Audience / Share of Voice (548) e. Types of Positioning (128) 9. Be Sure to know… a. Definitions b. Lists! Lists! Lists!!...
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Final Exam - 318J Final Review Session- Fall 2006 - Murphy...

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