Final Exam - text compressed- Fall 2006 - Murphy

Final Exam - text compressed- Fall 2006 - Murphy - Examples...

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Examples 1. Johnston & Murphy ad: place shoes in social context and create special meaning for the brand 2. PR campaign gave Treo 600 the buzz to stimulate demand 1. Disney ad: What are they trying to accomplish? 1. Brand Extension 2. Bayer ad: marketing practicing 1. Market Segmentation 3. Ray Ban: 1. Symbolic Value of the brand 4. Top 5 Most Valuable Brand 1. 1.) Coca Cola, 2.) Microsoft 3.) IBM 4.) GE 5.) Intel 5. Top 3 Largest Advertisers 1. 1.) GM = 3,429 millions 2.) Procter & Gamble 3.) Time Warner 6. Versace 1. A Versace gown is the ultimate chic (stereotyping, materialism) 7. The Body Shop 1. Good ad because protesting the “supermodel” imagery 8. Tampax illustrates a balance between _______ vs. _______. 1. Sensitivity and Frankness/Offensiveness 9. Andy Warhol demonstrates… 1. Advertising is the most accessible art 10. Partnership for a Drug Free America – What is the strategy and point? 1. Combination of glamorous celebrities vs. fatal drug use…the message is drugs are anything BUT glamorous 11. “How Human is Your Dog” ad – Who does the ad target in terms of involvement? 1. Serious dog owner 12. Who is the leader in brand loyalty of tattoos? 1. Harley Davidson because of Emotional Benefits 13. What can adv. Change? 1. short run: Consumer behavior 2. long run: Cultural value 14. Kraft ad identifies with what (based on the strength of what core American value) 1. Promotes Kraft as an integral part of Rituals and family traditions 15. Saturn ad: encouraged the formation of a brand community owners 16. Allstate Good Neighbor ad theme is an example of what virtue in positioning?
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1. Consistency 17. Bristol-Myers Squibb and Budweiser ad: what type of corporate adv. Does each illustrate? 1. Bristol Myers Squibb: image-orientated corporate advertising 2. Budweiser: cause-related advertising 18. Tide & Visa ads: Traditional ads that can still be hipped and cool 19. Crest Whitestrips: what type of development ad research was responsible? 1. Concept-Testing 20. What test is appropriate for the Wisk Tablets ad? 1. Resonance Test 2. Altoids Ad: What is the danger of Novel Imagery as illustrated? 3. Novel Imagery will distract readers, enticing them to overlook brand names 4. Cars ad (that show interior) Aurora, Pontiac Grand AM, Lincoln: failed to… 5. differentiate the product, make it memorable for the consumer, promote the brand 6. Cost Accounting ad: what type of test does the ad use? 7. Direct Response 8. iMac bill board “think different” which markets were targeted? 9. top 10 metro markets across US 10. In 2002, which six car manufacturers had the most ratio of share of market vs. share of voice? 11. GM Ford…. Nissan (last) 12. Danskin ad is an example of what? 13. Repositioning
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Final Exam - text compressed- Fall 2006 - Murphy - Examples...

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